"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

God's Power Is For You!

By Wesley L. Duewel

    God wants you to understand more fully and to appropriate more adequately His mighty power. God is a personal Being of infinite power. Being a person, He exercises His power according to wisdom and love. As the Father of a spiritual family, He desires to use His power in behalf of His family. You, His very own child, have a spiritual inheritance that includes "His incomparably great power" (Eph. 1:18-19).

    Creation manifests the infinitude of His power. Providence demonstrates how God can wisely use that power to frustrate all His enemies, help you, and work in all things for your good (Rom. 8:28). The cross demonstrates His infinite love. Christ's resurrection demonstrates the glory of the power that is available to you. His resurrection power is God's power available to you now--available for glorious victory in your own life and for a miracle by which He can be glorified--through your faith.

    God often glorifies Himself through His supernatural power in spite of our unbelief, but the Bible specifically declares that "His incomparably great power [is] for us who believe" (Eph. 1:19). God's power is specially available to a man or woman of faith. Have you been believing Him for that power?

The Spirit of Power

    The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of power, and when He fills you, you are clothed with God's power. You are clothed with power, first of all, to enable you to live the supernatural life of victory to which God calls you. It is also given to enable you to more adequately demonstrate God's glory to an unbelieving, needy world.

    You need power to pray effectively and get God-glorifying answers to your prayers. You need power to radiate positive goodness and holiness, power to witness forcefully by your life and by your lips. How much have you appropriated the Holy Spirit in the fullness of His purity and power in your personal life? Are you truly clothed with power as Christ promised (Luke 24:49)? If not, why not? If not now, when?

    God's Word is a word of power. It has convicting power, converting power, cleansing power. It can transform your life, your home, and the most difficult situations you may face. It has power in your personal devotions and in all forms of intercessory prayer and prayer warfare. God's Word is the sword of the Spirit in every spiritual conflict in which you may engage.

    The same power that spoke worlds into existence and preserves all material creation to this day (Heb. 1:3) is the word of power that we see when Christ rebuked the winds and the waves, gave sight to the blind, rebuked fevers and diseases even miles away, and raised the dead to life. How little have we appropriated and used God's powerful Word! How much God wants this powerful Word to richly indwell us!

The Power of the Name of Christ

    The very name of Christ has supernatural power. This statement does not indicate superstitious belief in magic. Christ's name is all-powerful because it expresses His infinite being and all-glorious nature. It is the name exalted high above all, the only name by which we may be saved. It is the name that gives us strength in believing; it is the name that grants authority to our prayer. It is the name that Satan hates, and from which demons flee. Just this week I saw evil spirits flee a fettered person because of the power of Jesus' Name. The blood of Christ has power to make anyone clean.

    Servant of Christ, you have been promised God's mighty power. Is it yours today? Is the Holy Spirit indwelling you and giving you power and constant victory over sin, strength in spiritual battle, and radiance in your daily walk? You also may know the "hope to which He has called you, the riches of His glorious inheritance in the saints, and His incomparably great power for us who believe" (Eph. 1:18-19). Make all these wonderful gifts your own today.

    My primary concern is not to make you hungry to perform supernatural miracles in spectacular, unnecessary ways. Praise God, He can still heal and deliver us from storm or danger. But my plea for you is to know the fullness of His power in victorious living; in prevailing, situation-changing intercession; and in fruitful evangelism, even in the most difficult situations.

    We need God's power in practical and God-glorifying ways in our living, in our churches, and on our mission fields. Some of these needs, like the opening up of the Muslim world, are so massive that mighty, prevailing prayer is called for from all of us. God's power must be shown in the daily normal living, praying and serving in "us who believe."

    Let us pray and believe in God's grace, holiness, and love so that His resurrection power may be demonstrated in each of us--in our close walk with God and in God-glorifying mighty answers to our prayers.

    Lord, seal my life with Your power!

Taken from God's Power Is For You by Wesley Duewel. Copyright 1997. Used by permission.