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Do Not Grieve The Spirit

By William B. Young

    The Apostle Paul was addressing Christians when he said, "Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God" (Eph. 4:30). The context of this verse reveals ways in which we can grieve Him (verses 29-31). Let us consider some of these.

    "Corrupt communication" covers a wide category of conversation. Exaggerating, gossiping, lying, dirty stories, slang expressions, "jesting," and "foolish talking" are corrupting influences in a person's life that will grieve the Holy Spirit.

    "Bitterness" about anything or any person in the life of a saint is devastating. The Holy Spirit cannot function in His fullness in such a life.

    "Wrath" is poison to the soul. Its fruits are animosity and resentment.

    "Clamor" is usually the conduct of immature Christians. Bickering, quarrelling, contentious people rule out the full function of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

    "Evil speaking" has a sharp, caustic note. It is not gentle in expression. The tongue of such a person is abusive and sometimes blasphemous in language.

    "Malice" is a deadly foe of the Spirit-controlled life. To be spiteful and hold ill will is to notify the Holy Spirit that He is being substituted by an unholy spirit.

    Let us take inventory. Honest hearts do not want to deter the work of the Holy Spirit even to the slightest degree.