"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Pray And Pray – Till The Glad Shout!

By Walter Scott

    The last direct message from Heaven is contained in Revelation 22:20: "Surely I come quickly." Who is the speaker from yonder glorious heights? Our much-loved Lord and Saviour. Heaven has kept silent for nearly 2000 years. Next time the voice of the Saviour is heard it will be in the air, calling from earth, from grave, and from sea His blood-bought, beloved people, raising the dead and changing the living. We have the blessed assurance and strong assertion that the Lord's personal coming is the powerful and immediate hope of our hearts.

    Fellow pilgrims, look up through blinding tears and earth's shadows to the Man Christ who sits at God's right hand. There is a Man, thank God, glorified, whom God has made strong for the deliverance of the agonized creation, and strong, too, for the great triumphs awaiting His Coming. For this very thing may every believer pray and pray till the glad shout, "The Lord has come!"