God, Forgive Us!

By Amy Carmichael

    We who follow the Crucified are not here to make a pleasant thing of life; we are called to suffering for the sake of a suffering, sinful world. The Lord forgive us our shameful evasions and hesitations.

    His brow was crowned with thorns. Do we not seek rosebuds for our crowning?

    His hands were pierced with nails. Are our hands ringed with jewels?

    His feet were bare and bound. Do our feet walk delicately?

    What do we know of travail? of tears that scald before they fall? of heartbreak? of being scorned? God forgive us our love of ease.

    God forgive us that so often we turn our faces from a life that is even remotely like His. Forgive us that we all but worship comfort, the delight of the presence of loved ones, possessions, treasures on earth.

    Far, far from our prayers too often is any thought of a prayer for a love which will lead us to give one whom we love to follow our Lord to Gethsemane, to Calvary--perhaps because we have never been there ourselves.