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Swept By The Flame Of Revival

    The late Paul H. Holsinger wrote in the March 1959 Herald of His Coming as follows:

    The Far Eastern Bible Institute revival was like the days of Finney. I had preached a sermon, and sat down. Another brother led in prayer and sat down. Then suddenly the Spirit of the Lord "fell" on those present (Acts 10:44; 11:15).

    It was instantaneous and complete. The meeting lasted 13 hours. The Spirit of the Lord swept repeatedly over the people, ever deepening in conviction, and literally wrung their hearts out.

    The testimonies were terrific. Some doubted if they were ever saved before--so convicting and convincing was the power of the Spirit.

    In Marbel a young boy from P...College drank liquor which the doctor warned him not to do, because of weak kidneys. He was taken deathly ill. He cried all day, in mortal agony, at the hospital, "Oh! tell me about God! Show me the way of salvation! Must I die without knowing God? Cannot someone help me?"

    It was 5:30 before these heart-rending cries stopped, and when hospital attendants went in, they found he had expired. As soon as this story was related to the school, it had a tremendous effect. All 250 students were suddenly struck with the awfulness of eternity, of God's wrath, and all cried for mercy. So a revival went on there also.