"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Christ's Humility For Our Pride

By William Law

    "Self is the root, the branches, the tree of all the evil of our fallen state. All the evils of fallen angels and men have their birth in the pride of self.

    "On the other hand, all the virtues of the heavenly life are the virtues of humility. It is humility alone that makes the unpassable gulf between heaven and hell.

    "What is then, or in what lies the great struggle for eternal life? It all lies in the strife between pride and humility. Pride and humility are the two master powers--the two kingdoms in strife for the eternal possession of man.

    "There never was, nor ever will be, but one humility, and that is the one humility of Christ...He therefore only fights the good fight whose strife is that the self-idolatrous nature which he has from Adam may be brought to death by the supernatural humility of Christ brought to life in him."