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Items For Prayer And Praise

By Lois J. Stucky

    “God needs today not so much inspired apostles as living epistles known and read of all men.  These words printed in an earlier article in this month’s issue, “For Christ and His Glory,” speak a big message. Most of us are not church leaders, pastors or missionaries. For the most part we are lay people. Certainly we are not as the apostles and prophets of old inspired of God to write the direct Word of God for all generations to honor as the Holy Bible. Yet each of us is said to be a “living epistle known and read of all men” (see 2 Cor. 3:2). And, think of it – as living epistles, we need to be and may be inspired and empowered by the same Holy Spirit as He who moved upon the men chosen to write the Holy Scriptures!

    Our “living epistle” may not gain much acclaim as far as this world is concerned. That is not our ambition or expectation. But it ought to be our earnest desire to live to the glory of God (1 Cor. 10:31). This is the high and holy calling for which we were created. To live to the glory of God requires that we be filled with the Holy Spirit and that we walk in the Spirit (Eph. 5:18; Gal. 5:16).

    The power of the Holy Spirit is for the young person wanting to live a clean life and to be a witness for Christ in school; for parents wanting to manifest the love of Christ to their family in the home; for the man or woman in business, industry, agriculture, a profession, etc. who wants to be honorable and effective in all his or her dealings; for the politician who wants to maintain integrity and wisdom amid the pressures of the political world – as well as for all in Christian service who are burdened to see lives within their realm of influence and responsibility, transformed and matured. The power of the Holy Spirit is for every Christian who would live to the glory of God whatever his station in life.

    I do not know a more needful prayer, nor a prayer with such potential as the prayer that we should all, as God’s people, be filled with the Holy Spirit and walk in the Spirit all the time. This is a good prayer to pray one for the other.

    From time to time young Africans write to us of their desire to serve the Lord, but they mention serious handicaps as far as education and financial backing are concerned. They ask for prayers.

    Sometimes as I pray for these young people, I feel inspired to ask God to lead them into a mighty baptism with power from on high. Then no matter what the handicaps, they will be effective in their service for God. They will bring forth abundant, abiding fruit.  The power of the Holy Spirit is a better hope for their reaching their countrymen for Christ than a fine education or abundant financial backing. Indeed, this is the better hope for anyone in any country of the world winning their compatriots for Christ.

    Can we as Herald readers pray one for the other, that we will meet God’s conditions and be endued with power from on high to live and to serve to His honor and glory? Do not forget that before the fire falls, all must be placed on the altar. Sin must be confessed and forsaken. Faith must take hold of the promises. We must cover these areas with prayer also.

    A tremendous blessing of being filled with the Holy Spirit is that He is the Spirit of Truth and He leads us into all Truth (John 15:26; 16:13). What a comfort and joy and protection this is!

    One is amazed to learn of erroneous conclusions some people come to when devoid of the Spirit’s help. They may be very sincere in their search for truth, but the devil is clever and slyly puts his lies into their minds and they believe them. In these days of much deception, it behooves us to walk humbly and carefully in dependence upon the Spirit of Truth, filling ourselves with the Word of God. It is the Word of God which the Spirit uses to reveal the Truth.