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How We Ought To Love His Appearing

    Our union with Christ is real union. Everything that concerns me, Christ is concerned in; and everything that concerns Christ, I am concerned in. It is so in regard to the coming of Christ, in regard to the setting up of His kingdom on earth, and in regard to the manifestation of His glory. Oh, how selfish and vain, how narrow is the range of the man’s vision who can only think of these things in connection with his own self! These concern the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    At the Mount of Olives, where they put the mock scepter in His hand, and spat upon Him, and derided Him – in that very place Jesus Christ is to come and be made manifest in His glory. It is all His glory.

    Do we think that Christ died simply to keep us out of hell – simply to make us happy? The Bible tells us from beginning to end that our salvation is not our own salvation merely, but that Jesus Christ may be glorified. Our pardon shows His grace; our sanctification shows His holiness; our resurrection shows His power; and our being glorified is to reflect His glory.

    It all concerns Him, and because it concerns Him it ought to concern us. We ought to love – oh, how we ought to love – His glorious appearing.

    – Arranged from D. W. Whittle (1840 – 1901).