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We Must Give Account

By J. R. Boyd

    Every person who has a Bible and the ability to read it, copy it, tell it, mail its contents and confirm it in his or her life, has a treasure that is capable of immeasurable possibilities in the hands of the Holy Spirit. I believe that anything that can be put to use toward increasing the influence of God’s truth, either toward extending Christ’s Kingdom extensively into new lives, or intensively into deeper effectiveness in our fellow-Christians – is a talent for which we must give account to God.

    I used to be shy about asking Christians to give their time, their money, their cars, their homes, their children and their skills to be used in service for which I could offer no immediate reimbursement. Then I woke up to the startling fact that everything our church members have is a talent which I should get committed to work in the best way possible for the Lord. I expect I shall be swept with shame at the Judgment Seat of Christ when I see how many could have used their cars, their homes, their money and time or talking ability better, if I had only given more positive and consistent leadership toward directing these assets from the ways in which they were squandered, to services from which eternal dividends would come.

    – From The Gospel Witness.