"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Items For Prayer And Praise

By Lois J. Stucky

    “Sin shall not have dominion over you” (Rom. 6:14). That is a part of the glorious Gospel of Christ that is especially good news to those who struggle long and hard to be free from sin, oftentimes a stubborn, besetting sin that is hated. Who of us has not sometime known what it is to want desperately to be free from sin? What a wonderfully helping hand God reaches out to us with this promise! It is no empty promise either. Behind it is the mighty power of God; behind it is Calvary where Christ took upon Himself our sins and our old man of sin; behind it is the resurrection where Christ was raised from the dead; behind it is His ascension and His enthronement at the right hand of God.

    You praying friends, please pray earnestly with us for this issue of Herald of His Coming. Ask God to give each earnest reader “a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, the eyes of [our] understanding being enlightened” (Eph. 1:17-18), that we might realize as we read the articles, the gracious provision God has made for our victory. Only the Holy Spirit can give a revelation of these truths to our sin-dulled hearts and minds, so we can appropriate them as our own and understand our part in making them work in our lives.

    We are especially thinking of some zealous young evangelists in Africa who write us, pleading for our prayers and help. They write of being bound by sins they detest, sins prevalent in the society around them, sins they may have indulged in before they were saved, sins that rob them of power with God, sins that threaten to cause their fall and bring reproach upon the Christ whom they love. These young men need and deserve our help. They are the hope of the church in their country. They have eager spirits, strong bodies, hearts sensitive to the call of God, willingness to dare to sacrifice for Christ. They have potential for impacting many unreached, unsaved people for Christ – if they have victory in their own lives. Let us agree in prayer that this issue of Herald of His Coming will be very helpful to many along the line of deliverance from the power of sin.

    All of us may benefit from prayerful reading and re-reading of these articles. Might we be zealous for victory over sin. The world needs a testimony that is possible; many in the church need such a testimony also. The exalted life that F. J. Huegel writes about is not that we might just build a lofty little nest in the heights and perch there happily and securely. We have work to do on earth.

    Huegel writes that thrones are for government and thrones are for war. God has raised us up with Christ that we might be His successful instruments on earth for implementing His will and for throwing down the devil’s will. Let us be zealous for victory over sin for His sake as well as for our own. Let us also be always aware that the life in the heights we seek is only possible to those who walk the “Via Dolorosa” with Christ, the meek, lowly, crucified Lamb of God.

“If Truth Is Not Diffused, Error Will Be.” –Daniel Webster

    With such glorious truths to proclaim, let us not be halfhearted or remiss about spreading them as far and wide as we can. There is no question about what God wants. He plainly said for us to go to “all nations” (Matt. 28:19). The enemy is very busy going about sowing error. Let us get there first, and not let the enemy plant error in fertile soil that could bear an abundant harvest for Christ.

    An African in Malawi writes: “Our work is not well settled. We have started few years ago. It is just like a young tree without many roots or strong roots. We are facing many problems, because of the lack of money. Our country is poor….” With your help, we send to such readers without charge, Herald of His Coming literature to help strengthen the Christians. By becoming rooted in God’s Word, they will become a strong tree with strong roots, not easily toppled by winds of error.

    We see such God-given opportunities as His gentle yet urgent plea to us to help build the church, to help make her ready for the coming of the One who loves her and gave Himself for her. Do you know of a grander mission in which to share than to be a worker with God in what He is doing throughout the earth?