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How To Break A Fast

By Evangelist James Miller 

    The following suggestions are from my own experience: fresh orange juice, or other fruit juices, are good to break a fast.  If a short fast, they may be taken undiluted.  If a longer fast, dilute with water and take a glass every two hours the first day or so, depending upon the constitution.  Thin soup may then be taken.

    Do not yield to temptation and indulge.  A difficult part of the fast is the breaking of it.

    While fasting, the stomach and digestive tract go to sleep and rest from their labors.  Too much food taken the first day after a short fast, or the first two or three days after a long fast, act as a shock and the discomfort is often quite great.

    All food should be well mixed with saliva before swallowing.  In breaking a fast, frequent nourishment is to be advised and not gorging at one time.

    I went on a 28-day fast without food.  I did drink some liquid.  I was in evangelistic services at the time, preaching one, two, even four times a day, the last of those 28 days, twice on the radio and twice in the church.  My motive for the fast was I had an illness I wanted God to heal, and I desired a greater anointing on my soul as I preached to the multitudes.

    I was cured of the disease, and the Lord honored my ministry and gave me greater power, wisdom and knowledge.  As I have continued in this fasted life, He is constantly giving me wonderful blessings in my life, and is doing great things for me in my ministry.  For over thirty years I have observed Wednesday and Friday as my fast days.  I speak from experience--fasting pays.