Items For Prayer And Praise

By Lois J. Stucky

    In telling how God led Brother Moore and herself when He called them to take up the work of publishing Herald of His Coming, Sister Moore wrote: “If people asked us to what denomination we belonged, we were to say, ‘We be the Lord’s brethren,’ and the work of the Herald was to be ‘the Spirit’s message to the churches,’ and the Herald work was to be done by a fellowship of men and women out of all evangelical faiths and creeds who loved the Lord for Himself alone.” So it has been through the years.

    “Unity begins at the Cross,” we are told. Not only are we to there be blood-washed and born-again, but it is the Cross applied to the old nature that enables us to walk in unity, submitting ourselves one to another for Christ’s sake. “That they all may be one” was the yearning of our Lord’s heart, poured out to the Father in a last impassioned plea before His crucifixion.

    We value highly the privilege God gives to Herald of His Coming of working with zealous, dedicated brothers and sisters in Christ, choice servants of His, regardless of nationality or creed. Many are on the frontlines of spiritual conflict. You, who support Herald of His Coming ministry with your prayers and gifts, are reaching out your helping hand with us to them, strengthening and encouraging them through the printed messages of the paper. They, in turn, stretch out a helping hand to those within their reach – some deluded by false religions, some knowing nothing of the dear Name of Jesus our Lord and Saviour, some in the awful grip of spiritual darkness. Together we do what no one of us could do by himself! Together we help preach the Gospel in all the world!

Our Hand Outstretched

    From around the world come letters asking spiritual help. Letters from Liberia are beginning to trickle in, expressing hope that the rebuilding of their country can now begin. One recent letter pours out a burden for the young people of Liberia. The instability of the country these past five years is now reflected in the lives of many of the young people. Scattered as refugees, experiencing horrors of wars, disrupted homes and church services and such, have caused many to have no hope and no plans for the future. They live carelessly and frivolously for any pleasure they might find for today.

    “They are dying in sin!” is the burdened cry of the writer, who asks help in reaching out to them. Although mails into Liberia have long been seriously disrupted, we now have a way that we believe will enable us to send in helpful literature. Pray with us that the Herald of His Coming will be a help and a comfort in this crucial hour in Liberia.

    Another letter on my desk is from a brother in Africa whose wife has died in the city where they were living. Now he feels called to go back to the remote part of the country from which he came, there to preach the Gospel to the fishermen in the swamps. He will be away from the fellowship of believers and he will be battling powers of darkness that have been entrenched for generations. He wants prayer that God will build on each island a church, and he wants to be sure to receive the encouraging messages of Herald of His Coming to help in this difficult ministry which he is undertaking. Who will take this brother on his or her heart for prayer? We will send the Herald regularly to his new location.

    Here is a rare letter from Rwanda. Since French is spoken in Rwanda more than English, we send little literature there. This pastor brother who writes in good English, tells us that he miraculously escaped from the massacre war of April in 1994 in Rwanda. The past year has been very difficult, but “now a sign of hope is appearing slowly.” The last Herald he received, which he calls his spiritual food, was in April 1994. Mails for Rwanda have not been accepted, but now we plan to resume, as there seems to be a way of getting mail into the country.

    The brother urgently asks for some materials translated into Kinyarwanda “for broken hearts of my people.” Only a few months ago a Herald paper was begun in the neighboring country of Burundi in the Kirundi language. This is supported by the German Herald office. We will hasten off a sample copy with the address where it might be obtained, hopeful that it can be read by the broken hearted people of Rwanda. This pastor says he has lost three quarters of his family members, and he finds himself with the care of over 30 orphans and widows, needing both spiritual and material help. Let’s do more than weep with them. Let us pray for them! Please pray that the spiritual papers we can supply will go through to them.

    Freely we have received. Freely let us give – in response to the marvelous goodness of God to us who have the necessities of life and who have the blessed Gospel in rich measure. We have enough and to spare. How can we withhold?