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Items For Prayer And Praise

By Lois J. Stucky

    “I feel like pressing on!” When those words come from some saint in his or her late 80’s or in their 90’s, it is especially inspiring. It tells us that earthly life is worth-while and challenging when we have our Lord in clear view – even though we are in the “exit lane” as one elderly saint expressed it (probably one accustomed to driving the freeways). Such ones are looking forward to soon enjoying heavenly life, but the end of earthly life is rich for them when they are in good fellowship with Jesus. At Herald of His Coming we receive letters from such readers and we are blessed.

    Concerning the other end of the age range, it has been heartening to read about the moving of God’s Spirit in revival power in recent weeks among young people on college campuses. It is reminiscent of the Asbury College Revival of the 1970’s in Wilmore, Kentucky. Circulating reports recalling that revival have helped to spread this move of God.

    Why is it God is able to work with considerable freedom among young people? Who can say for sure? We do know some of them have been willing to break with routine and spend extra time in prayer for revival. Some have the zeal and vision of an adventurer exploring the greater things God is able and willing to do. They are not settled yet into a “comfort zone” from which they do not want to move. Young people may be more tenderhearted toward the Lord, more sensitive to the sin that many of us have become tolerant of and indifferent to, more humble to confess and repent of their own sins. Might God help us to give this some thought to see if God can freely move in us.

    In this issue of Herald of His Coming, we see that revival and the prayer that precedes it are closely linked. Most of us already realize this. Some of us know we ought to spend more time in prayer for revival and we want to, but we wonder how additional time can be worked into our busy day. Some will find it possible and helpful to take 3-minute segments to pray for revival throughout the day, as someone has suggested. If we take 3 minutes an hour each day, it would amount to a significant amount of time. There ought not to be discouragement, however, if we are unable to keep such a goal. We could ask the Lord to bring it to our minds throughout the day and then be prompt to respond when He does.

    A brief listing, in writing or in our mind, of places or people we want to see visited with revival, could help make maximum use of the time. Remember to start with yourself! Most of us have 3-minute segments throughout the day when walking, driving, doing manual work – or we can sacrifice prime time for the Lord – and use this time for vital prayer rather than for the spiritually fruitless thoughts which usually occupy the time.

    These short prayers will not replace longer periods of prayer for revival, but they keep the burden for revival before us and the burden deepens. More important, it helps keep us in conscious contact with our dear Lord. If as we pray for revival we focus not so much on “something” we would like to see happen, as “Someone” whose presence we want in our midst in greater presence and power – our yearning prayers will bring blessed rewards to our own hearts. God graciously responds to our loving and humble approaches and our longings after more of Himself. True, if we include ourselves in our revival prayers, we might find God beginning to answer by showing us needs we have within our own hearts and lives. That is not so pleasant. But when repentance and forgiveness make His face clearer and His presence dearer, it is well worth the cost. Moreover, we are then better fitted to pray for the general revival so greatly needed.

    Please pray with us that God will use Herald of His Coming to inspire new waves of faith and prayer for revival. God is filling praying hearts with hope and expectation. Might we be in that number!