"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Loving Thoughts Of God

By George D. Watson

    Every loving thought that we have toward our Heavenly Father is music in His ears. Let us never think of God harshly or as dealing with severity. Every wrong thought that we have toward God grieves His loving spirit, weakens our faith, chills our affections, impairs our ardor, and pleases Satan.

    Let us settle it forever and forever that God is love, that everything He does or permits He does in love. It is a blessed habit to go to sleep every night thinking of God with thoughts of affection and adoration and yearnings after Him, and to wake up every morning with loving thoughts of that Infinite One in whose arms we have passed the unconscious night.

    When anything sad or painful comes to us or a temptation assaults, it is blessed to turn our thoughts instantly toward God and seek to find His presence in it, and to get a loving view of Him first of all, so that we can see in the very beginning of everything painful or sorrowful, my Heavenly Father is in this thing, His presence envelopes it, and He is love, and when the outcome of it is made visible, I shall see that it was for my good and for His glory.

    In every rainstorm there is a rainbow which will be brought to light as soon as the light can touch it. In every pain and sorrow of life, God has planted a rainbow which will be seen in due time when He can reveal to us the light of His love falling though it.

    – From Our Own God by George D. Watson.