"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

A Holy Unity Of Love

By Andrew Murray

    Christ had prayed that the disciples might be one (John 17), even as He and the Father were one – that the world might know that God loved them as He loved Christ. How far the disciples were from such a state when Christ prayed the prayer, we see in the strife that there was among them at the Lord's Table as to who would be chief. It was only after the resurrection, and after Christ had gone to heaven, that they would be brought, in the ten days of united supplication, to that holy unity of love and of purpose which would make them the one Body of Christ prepared to receive the Spirit in all His power.

    This prayer meeting gives us the law of the Kingdom for all time. Where Christ's disciples are linked to each other in love, and yield themselves wholly to Him in undivided consecration, the Spirit will be given from heaven as the seal of God's approval, and Christ will show His mighty power.