"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Laying All On The Altar

By General William Booth

    Consecration has in it the nature of a real sacrifice. It is the presentation or giving away of all we have to God, a ceasing any longer to own anything which we have hitherto called our own, but all going over into God's hands for Him to order and arrange, and our taking simply the place of servants, to receive back again just what He chooses.

    This is no easy task, and can only be done in the might of the Holy Ghost, but when it is done, when all is laid on the altar – body, soul, spirit, goods, reputation, all, all, ALL – then the fire descends and burns up all the dross and defilement of sin, and fills the soul with burning zeal and love and power.

    Consecration is being crucified with Christ. It means dying to all those pleasures and gratifications which flow from the undue love of self, the admiration of the world, the ownership of goods, and the inordinate love of kindred and friends which go together to make up the life and joy of the natural man. This may be painful, but we must be crucified with Christ if we are to live with Him.