"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

The Supreme Need Of The Church

By Samuel Chadwick

    The conviction deepens that the supreme need of the church is the spirit of prayer. There are many other needs, but the need of prayer transcends them all. If only the church of Christ could be impelled to prayer there would be an end to barrenness and failure. It is the lack of prayer that lies at the root of all our troubles and there is no remedy but in prayer. Things will never be better until prayer is restored to its true place in the organization of the church and the habits of individual believers.

    There is no substitute for prayer, but with prayer all things are possible. This is a truism of the Christian faith. Nobody denies it. Everybody says it. All history confirms it. If only the people of God could be baptized into a passion for prayer, life would quicken, miracles would return, souls would be saved, and coffers would overflow.