"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

A Prayer Covenant For Revival

    My Covenant: With God's help I will endeavor to spend a definite time each day in praying for revival in my own heart and life; for an outpouring of God's Spirit that will result in the salvation of vast multitudes of souls; and that our land may be saved from destruction in this crucial hour.

Suggestions for Daily Prayer for Revival

    1. Pray for the full yielding of your life to God, and for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit day by day.

    2. Pray for the salvation and spiritual strengthening of your loved ones and neighbors.

   3. Pray for revival in the life of your pastor, and among the officers and members of your church, and for pastors and Christians throughout the land.

   4. Pray that the head of our national government and his advisors may be given wisdom from God day by day in national and international matters.

    5. Pray for salvation and spiritual quickening of the members of the legislative bodies of our country and for the justices in our courts.

    6. Pray that our defenses may be made strong; and that our leaders and our people may look to God to preserve us in critical times of danger.

    7. Pray that leaders of our states or provinces and mayors of our cities may be born again. Pray that racial strife may be healed.

    8. Pray for spiritual revival in our schools and colleges and universities; and that multitudes of teachers and students may be saved.

   9. Pray for Spirit-filled Gospel ministry in pulpits and over the radio and TV, and for the salvation of multitudes of souls and the quickening of believers in the faith.

    10. Pray for a great spiritual awakening throughout our land that will lead vast multitudes to Christ and help to save our land from destruction.

    Encourage other Christians to pray likewise.

    – Adapted from Million Testaments Campaign.