Time For Repentant Hearts

    "All across the land, God's people are parched because they've turned away from Him. They have sought substitutes for Him in the world's way – idols of the heart, other relationships, even church programs. They are suffering the consequences of His discipline. They have tested His patience, their pain is real, and their mouths are dry. Thirsting for His life-giving water, their hearts are crying out for a fresh encounter with Him.

    "God has presented them with a choice – repent or perish! They are pleading for the same revitalizing experiences as those in the Bible and throughout history. The kind where great revivals have changed churches and spiritual awakening has swept the country and changed society...." – The Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

    God responds to heart-hungers as the above. What He looks for now is repentant hearts. Will He find in you a repentant heart?