Items For Prayer And Praise

By Lois J. Stucky

    Upon us Christians living today could very well lay the tremendous responsibility of completing the task given to the church of all ages – to go into all the world to preach the Gospel. Then will our Lord Jesus come again! Glorious day for which to work and pray!

    The task designated by Christ, was taken up and carried forward marvelously by the early Church, in the dynamic power of the Holy Spirit. This is the only power sufficient to complete the task. This power is given in response to the intercessions of God's people. So God seeks intercessors. He must have intercessors to complete the task!

    Many Christians, especially in the Western world, are surfeited with the cares, riches and pleasures of this world (Luke 8:14). They have little time or inclination for serious intercession. "All seek their own, not the things which are Jesus Christ's" (Phil. 2:21). Even many churches are side-tracked from the heart of the task by various activities. The good becomes the subtle enemy of the best too many times.

    But God has been able to get the heart, the ear and the hand of some choice souls. On these He can depend to forward His plans for the closing years of this age. The call comes to all who are Christians. Are you and I hearing the call? We are endeavoring in this issue of Herald of His Coming to sound the call to fasting and intercession loud and clear.

    There is no time to be lost – as Arthur Wallis states in his article in this issue. There are ominous signs that the liberties and the opportunities for Christian service we have enjoyed in this land, are slipping away. Now is the hour in which to put our hand diligently to the plow. We may look about our nation with sighs of discouragement. But we can draw cheer from reports of remarkable workings of God in some areas of the world, and we can rekindle faith that God is ever ready to do even above what we ask or think, as we earnestly pray.

    Mission Frontiers tells that India has about one million villages and colonies, of which only about 100,000 have a Christian witness. About 900,000 to be reached with the Gospel! Are Indian Christian workers hopeless about this? In 1990, some 1,200 "frontline evangelists, missionaries and church leaders" in India met and planned how, depending on the power of the Holy Spirit, they could reach all of their country with the Gospel. Of the 1,000 churches they hope to plant by AD 2000, about 250 have been planted. They are on the way!

    India is known to have a core of praying, fasting Christians. What they lack in technology and finances, they have in dedication and zeal. They have learned the secret of Holy Spirit power. That is their hope of accomplishing the task. They are seeking that power through fasting and prayer.

    Luis Bush, also writing in Mission Frontiers, tells of Brazil, another nation on the move by the power of the Holy Spirit. Millions of intercessors and workers are being enlisted. The goal is to bring millions of souls in Brazil to Christ, and to establish tens of thousands of new churches. Zeal is high also to send out missionaries from Brazil. To young people is being preached the Lordship of Christ. There is great potential in the hosts of young people who are responding with all-out dedication to the Lord and His work.

Help Sound the Call!

    For our own nation, and for the world, Christians must be called to intercession and fasting. Will you help us sound this call – not only to fellow countrymen, but around the world? Dare we fail our God who looks and waits for those who will call upon Him that He might show Himself strong on their behalf, and accomplish through them that which is on His heart for earth's multitudes? He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance! Might He help each of us to get this same motivation into his or her heart and do what He says to do about it!

    Here at Herald of His Coming we are zealous to seize the opportunities that come to us to spread the Gospel through the printed page, and God is giving many open doors. Some of you will be challenged to help us enter these doors.

    We share here from a few of the letters received. A pastor from Burma wants to continue receiving the Herald, although he can send no money to help with costs.  "It is very helpful for us preachers," he writes. A lady from Jamaica thanks us for the paper, but neither can she send money to help. "For many years it has enriched my Christian life and helped to strengthen my faith." A lady from Kentucky is thankful for the truths of the Herald in this age when "cults are everywhere with the devil's religions."

    A brother from overseas studying in this country, writes that he will use the Herald materials we send him as he prepares messages which will be broadcast by radio to countries that restrict evangelism. A church in Croatia would like to translate Herald messages into their language. A Western missionary working in Slovakia requests the Herald for personal edification.

    A brother in Ethiopia being persecuted for his faith and facing many problems he never faced before, loves the Herald and says he needs it very much. "It's like the stream in the desert," he writes. The letter of a brother who is on a Youth Evangelistic Team in Uganda says he has "benefited a lot from the Herald." The letter of another African studying in Cuba, requests the Herald.

    It is your supporting gifts that enable us to respond to requests such as these. To each one who helps we say a heartfelt thank you on behalf of these who have been greatly blessed and helped by your generosity. Might you have great joy in knowing that you please the Father by laying to heart the need of spreading the Gospel, and you help to hasten the day when the Gospel will be published in all the world and our Lord Jesus comes again!