"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Items For Prayer And Praise

By Lois J. Stucky

    The Bible tells us that God's grace "is sufficient." Each of us may say, "God's grace is sufficient for me!" It is sufficient to put off the old man of sin whom we have come to abhor and yet are so powerless in ourselves to overcome, and His grace is sufficient to put on the Lord Jesus Christ – wonder of wonders! His grace is sufficient to bring us from the depths to the heights; from being a sinner to being a saint, to being a member of the Body of Christ, to being a member of the Bride of Christ!

    How wonderful what God in His grace and mercy does for us as we trust and obey! As we stand transformed before Him, we know so certainly that it is His doing. And as wonderful as is that which we have experienced, the half has not yet been seen. We are to reign with Him throughout Eternity.

    Does not His goodness and grace bring us to our knees, yes, to our faces before Him? Like the sinner woman, we want to bathe His feet with our tears of humble gratitude, and more, to plant our kisses on the scars of those wounds through which flowed the Blood that cleanses from all sin and restores us to fellowship with God.

    When our heart receives a fresh realization of God's amazing grace to us, we rise with a broken spirit and a melted heart.  It is then much easier to look upon our Christian brothers and sisters as "fellow heirs" of God's grace and goodness. We see one another as saints beloved to the heart of God, ones whom He is bringing to maturity in spite of faults that yet exist or sins not yet put off.

    We can go in love and take the hand of "the least" of God's saints or believe for the apparently "hardest" of sinners. God's grace is sufficient. Amazing grace! Amazing love! Amazing God!

Stewards of God's Grace

    As the article on the preceding page reminds us, we are stewards of the wonderful grace of God. This priceless message of grace must be told far and wide. Here at Herald of His Coming we have opportunities aplenty to share. The fact that the channel is humble newsprint pages does not turn away hungry hearts. The Holy Spirit's anointing makes the messages sweet and precious to them.

    We wonder at God's grace to us, unworthy servants that we are. We strive to be faithful and to carefully attend each letter, but there are failures. We are very thankful to those of you readers who have confidence to send your gifts and help in this task so precious. Read here a little of what your gifts help to do.

    A lady, whose address is the Parliament of Zimbabwe, is excited to find the Herald paper and wants it regularly to use in the morning prayer sessions which she helps to co-ordinate at her place of work, plus at a lunch-time prayer group in which she is involved in her city.

    A lady in Texas asks several thousand pieces of literature to use in a street ministry, jails, etc. "They are a great blessing to many," she reports of previous shipments.

    A grandmother of nine in Eire, tells how her prayer life has been helped through Herald messages. This is important as she looks to the Lord for strength to lead her grandchildren in the ways of God. There are other grandmothers drawing help from the Herald pages, likewise seeking to lovingly draw their dear ones to Christ.

    A worker who runs a church medical center out in the countryside of Kenya, was given a copy of Herald of His Coming and has been blessed reading it over and over again through the months. He feels the staff and patients would benefit "pricelessly" if we send papers regularly. He serves a community of about 10,000 and would like to reach the great majority with the Word of God. He also leads a weekly Bible study for young people and sees the Herald as a study paper for them.

    An African worker has moved to a speck of an island far out in the Pacific and is taking the Herald paper with him there and wants it to continue to come. A young African studying at a university in Cuba wishes us to continue mailing Herald of His Coming to him.

    A brother in Slovakia has become a teacher of a recently established Theological Mission Seminary and will share the Herald with the students who study English along with the other subjects.

    Another request for literature is from the Christian Students' Fellowship of a medical school in Ethiopia. As students studying there from around the country gather to fellowship, they would like copies of Herald of His Coming to share amongst themselves. One day they will scatter back to their homes and will carry the flame if their hearts are kindled now for God.

    A brother working in a half-way house for Cubans in this country, asks copies of literature to share with the men. Spiritual help from the Word of God is their hope of straightening out their lives for this world and for the hereafter.

    A missionary in Thailand, who also has contacts in Burma, is circulating messages, and thanks us for the encouragement Herald of His Coming has been to inspire prayer and faith for revival in that area of the world. He passes along the testimony of a sea gypsy on a remote island off the coast of Burma, who finds Herald of His Coming a great blessing. She sometimes translates articles for friends who cannot understand English and they also are blessed.

    A Salvation herald, Right Choice, found its way to the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine and a brother has committed his life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise God! A zealous group in Hawaii has passed out hundreds and hundreds of Salvation heralds on the streets of Honolulu and the beach of Waikiki.

    A brother writing from a closed Moslem country of Northern Africa rejoices that in that barren land, where he has gone to work, he can find spiritual food as a new Christian, in the Herald paper which we mail to him.

    On and on we could go. The potential in each of these opportunities and many more like them, is thrilling. One heart kindled for God can be used of Him to do far beyond what we could ask or think.

    Let us each humbly and earnestly do the part God gives us to do, and trust Him to use our efforts in His own powerful and mysterious ways to reach souls in areas beyond what we could ever envision. And let us unite in prayer that He will pour His sweet and wonderful Holy Spirit through the pages in ever increasing measure, so that as many as possible will become partakers of His matchless love and life. He is the God of grace and mercy, and we can ask great things like this. He delights to give and He is able to do above all we ask or think. Glory to His wonderful Name! Let us exalt Him together and serve Him with all our hearts! He is worthy.