"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Items For Prayer And Praise

By Lois J. Stucky

    In a Herald of His Coming paper of some years ago is an account written by a missionary, telling how he had been drawn to meetings in a neighboring country where missionaries were experiencing revival. There was uncovering of sin, tears, repentance, restoration. The visiting missionary's heart was warmed by it all and he was sympathetic to it. But it was not until after he had returned to his home circle of missionaries, in a prayer meeting, that God's Spirit began to work deeply in his heart. Suddenly the Holy Spirit revealed to the missionary, differences that separated him and a co-worker. He saw it as hideous sin.

    "I didn't know! Oh, God, I didn't know! Oh, forgive me!" he cried. He went to the brother to ask forgiveness, with many tears. So broken was he that he and two brothers retired to another room for an extended time where he could seek God and receive cleansing. It was a humbling experience. But the humility and brokenness of the missionary helped make a way so God has been able to trust him with a ministry that now extends around the world and is bringing much fruit and much glory to God.

    "A broken and a contrite heart, O God, Thou wilt not despise" (Psa. 51:17).

    Sin dishonors God. How grievous this is to those of us who feel our very purpose of being as a saved person is to bring honor and glory to Him. Those of us who pray for revival must be very sensitive to the Holy Spirit's dealing with us regarding any sin, for sin hinders our prayers going through. Let us not be surprised when God "tightens the screws" as it were – expecting more carefulness about sin, dealing with details that we would slide over, requiring watchfulness when we would rush impatiently onward. If we would be truly like Christ, there will be many humbling dealings with God.

    Please pray with us that God will use the articles in this issue of Herald of His Coming, to teach all of us who need it, more about what it means to be like Christ. Might all we needy ones yield ourselves more humbly and more gladly, into His hands for His faithful dealings. Pride, anything that is not full and glad submission to God, must be revealed and cleansed from our lives.

From Our Desks

    What a challenge the incoming mail brings each day! Each writer is a beloved child of God whom He is bringing "to glory" (Heb. 2:10). Messages in Herald of His Coming are a tool which God uses to that end. Share with us some of these joys of ministry.

    First is a letter from a lady in Khartoum, Sudan. The suffering of Christians in Sudan has been great. How gladly we supply the Herald which she requests for the strengthening of her Christian life! The next letter comes from a North African country and says, "Should there be any literature that I can share with my fellow believers, I will gladly share out. We are in a country where the Gospel is being suppressed. We get only a little through His grace." We sent multiple copies for the nourishment of the little group of believers.

    The next letter is from a pastor in Ghana. He lost track of the Herald while traveling as an evangelist, but now he is a settled pastor and wants the Herald – "which always keeps me on my knees" – a good place for a pastor to be if he wants abiding fruit. The next one is from Zimbabwe and says, "I am a strong teenager...I saw Herald of His Coming when it was being passed around at church, and I am asking if you could send me some. This would save me from backsliding and help me grow in faith."

    Another is a letter from a pastor in Latvia, thanking us for literature sent. It is placed in the library and is used for special study groups. They ask more material, which "we shall copy and translate for using them in our church."

    Next is a request from Brunei Darussalam, a Muslim country in Asia, the writer wanting to be added to the mailing list with extra copies to distribute to fellow believers. Here is a letter from a prison chaplain in Texas, saying, "So many of our men seem to enjoy Herald of His Coming so much. They look forward to each shipment."

    A brother in Nepal writes that the packages of Heralds we send to him go to different hotels, libraries, colleges and schools. He gladly shares the Gospel because "we don't have this kind of food like Herald of His Coming. Thank you a lot," he concludes. A sister from Trinidad writes that the literature we send her she puts in the church library after reading. "I just have to share them," she says.

    Thank God for you dear friends who help meet such opportunities by sending your gifts so we can print and mail the Heralds and Salvation heralds and other literature to eager hearts like these! Might God give us each one grace to be faithful to all He asks us to do. He is gathering all who will come, closer to Himself, and we are privileged to have a little part in His great mission of love and mercy. God bless you one and all. We are very thankful for you.