"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Items For Prayer And Praise

By Lois J. Stucky

    It is a blessed thing to be a co-worker with God! Our work is to be an outflow of His life within us, as Andrew Murray teaches in the article on page 3. We work by the inspiration, the enabling, the zeal of the great One who lives within us.

    Christ's joy, His goal, the obsession of His earthly life was to do the will of the Father. First of all that concerns the redemption of mankind. As Christ abides in us, it will be our joy, our goal, yes, our obsession also – to do the will of God. This includes a Gethsemane! It includes a Cross! In our comparatively small measure, there is a cross for us to bear as we serve God. But after the cross comes the crown, the glory. Hallelujah!

    Let us pray one for the other for the grace we need to do the will of the Father. To do, notice. Not only to pray for it, though that is important (Matt. 6:10); not only to admire and esteem it; but to do the will of the Father. That wins the "Well done."

    God has wonderfully, perfectly fulfilled His part in His eternal plan for the redemption of mankind. God and His Son have provided a costly salvation to be given fully, freely to whomsoever will receive. The Holy Spirit calls and equips willing workers and thrusts them forth to the ends of the earth to make known this salvation.

    Marvelous is God's plan and His execution of His part! His part is overwhelmingly greater and more important than man's, but He has given each saved person a part to play in His plan, a work to do. What a privilege and what a responsibility!

    Here at Herald of His Coming we take seriously that which God has given us to do. We feel like the unprofitable servants which God's Word tells us we are (Luke 17:10), but we are giving ourselves from our hearts to the work He has placed in our hands to do. We endeavor to back it all with believing prayer.

    Many of you reader friends are one with us in this endeavor. You pray for us, you send your supporting gifts, you order and distribute literature to further spread the messages. You are essential to the ministry. We value you highly. We friends are too widely scattered to meet together in person to encourage one another, but through your letters and through the pages of Herald of His Coming we maintain fellowship and unity in the Lord.

    We cannot but be aware that we have been called to live and labor in a late, intense, critical hour. Whole nations are suddenly engulfed in tragedy. Opportunities enjoyed before come to an abrupt end.

    Oh, that whole nations were suddenly engulfed in the blessings of God! This can be! This is our ultimate vision. God has said He would pour out His Spirit on all flesh. Whole nations can experience a blessed moving of the Spirit of God. But such does not happen without effort.

    As your gifts and prayers, plus our labors here, make it possible, we mail Herald of His Coming and Salvation heralds and other materials, into many countries of the world. Some of the copies go to Christians of revival vision and burden. There is mutual encouragement to press on, to ask and expect largely from God. It is true that many former revivalists have died in faith through the years, in faith that God is going to send revival. The prayers they prayed are bottled up in Heaven, yet to be answered.

    While we have life and breath, let us do our part. Let us live and labor in faith and in prayer for the utmost of God's blessings to come to this earth before the end shall come. God is still able to do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think (Eph. 3:20). Let us withhold nothing we can give to the Lord and to His cause. A publication told of a team of workers showing the "Jesus" film in Rwanda in the critical days of revolution there. They took time to show it even to those in danger, and as a result, they lost their lives. Dedication unto death! But in death, who knows how many they took with them to Eternal Life? Such is an example for all of us as to the urgency with which the Gospel should be proclaimed in this hour.

    Please help us here as God puts it on your heart, to minister as widely as possible. Large quantities of literature are being requested by distributors here in our land, and as well in countries abroad. From Nigeria and Kenya they write of crucial situations in their country and they are eager to give the Gospel now before some tragic eruption comes.

Praise God!

    For all who are taking to heart God's command to go into all the world with the Gospel, and are taking part as fully as God enables.

    For humble, hungry hearts that respond with much joy to the unadorned Gospel given to them, and seriously try to put it to work in their lives. They are joy to the Father's heart!

Please Pray!

    That God will continue to work in the blessed way now observed, among the Jewish people, that many more be saved in this hour.

    That God will use this issue of Herald of His Coming to His honor and glory, and to the upbuilding of His people.

    For wisdom as to how to use the funds and time available at Herald of His Coming. There are many opportunities. We want His best.

    That individuals and prayer groups and churches with revival vision and burden will be enabled to persevere until God comes and implants righteousness where sin reigns now!