"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Fellowship With Christ

By Jessie Penn-Lewis

    Do you know how to have transactions with the Living Christ? Do you know how to really trust Him as a Person to lead and guide you over everything? He will do it as you keep Christ as your center – the One Person you speak to and rely upon. Then you can go through anything. Believe that He can be enough for you. If you must have help in prayer, then ask Him to take you to the right person to pray.

    There are no trifles to God. The tiniest things in your life are what you need to watch over. See to them and you can leave the big ones to God. You say something carelessly and are sure that it is not right, but you say, "Oh, it doesn't matter!" Later you are not as patient as you should be. You pass this over also. Presently there is a cloud on your spirit and you find that these tiny little things have hindered your prayer power.

    Deal with the little things at once. You cannot afford to say a word that grieves Christ, nor do the slightest little thing that grieves Him. This is the way you lose your power to pray. See that you walk in victory in the small things and pass nothing over. Get forgiveness. Keep absolutely honest with God over everything in connection with your life, and you will then find your fellowship with Him increase until you will know what it means to have the life of Jesus manifested in you day by day.