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Revival Is Unmistakable

By B. Carradine

    A revival on the divine side is the undoubted manifestation of the presence of God, the outpouring of the Holy Ghost and actual conscious arrival of Christ in the midst of the congregation. On the human side it is seen in the conversion of sinners, reclamation of back-sliders, sanctification of believers, great joyfulness and activity upon the part of the church, and deep and solemn conviction in the entire community.

    This state of things is brought about by the faithful preaching of the Word and the humble, prayerful waiting upon God of the people.

    A genuine revival is unmistakable. It is not only seen, but felt. There was no need to post bills and placards on the walls and fences, stating that the Holy Ghost had fallen upon the disciples in the Upper Room. Some kind of indescribable telegraphy flashed the news everywhere. It is a wireless telegraphy, but none the less certain. As soon as Samaria receives the Word of God, it seems to be known in Jerusalem. When any church receives the Holy Ghost, it would be easier to hide a city on a hill with its twinkling lights than this fact.

    In one of Charles G. Finney's revivals, a man was coming in from the country to the town where the work of grace was going on, and when he was still a mile away suddenly felt such a spiritual atmosphere that he was completely melted, and came into the place all hushed and subdued. God had drawn a line of holy grace and power all around the town, and it came to pass that when a man passed it, he was shot through with a dart. A revival cannot be mistaken.