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The Promise And Prayer Go Hand In Hand

By E. M. Bounds

    The promise of the Holy Spirit to the disciples was in a very marked way the “Promise of the Father,” but it was only realized after many days of continued and importunate praying. The promise was clear and definite that the disciples should be endued with power from on high (Acts 1:8), but as a condition of receiving that power of the Holy Spirit, they were instructed to “tarry in the city of Jerusalem till ye be endued with power from on high.” The fulfillment of the promise depended upon the “tarrying.”

    The promise of this “enduement of power” was made sure by prayer. Prayer sealed it to glorious results. So we find it written, “These continued with one accord, in power and supplication with the women” (Acts 1:14).

    And it is significant that it was while they were praying, resting their expectations on the surety of the promise, that the Holy Spirit fell upon them and they were all “filled with the Holy Ghost.” The promise and the prayer went hand in hand.

    After Jesus Christ made this large and definite promise to His disciples, He ascended on high, and was seated at His Father’s right hand of exaltation and power. Yet the promise given by Him of sending the Holy Spirit was not fulfilled by His enthronement merely, nor by the promise only, nor by the fact that the Prophet Joel had foretold with transported raptures of the bright day of the Spirit’s coming. Neither was it that the Spirit’s coming was the only hope of God’s cause in this world. All these all-powerful and all-engaging reasons were not the immediate operative cause of the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer Brought It to Pass!

    The solution is found in the attitude of the disciples. The answer is found in the fact that the disciples, with the women, spent several days in that upper room, in earnest, specific, continued prayer. It was prayer that brought to pass the famous day of Pentecost.

    And as it was then, so it can be now. Prayer can bring a Pentecost in this day if there be the same kind of praying, for the promise has not exhausted its power and vitality. The “promise of the Father” still holds good for the present-day disciples.

    Prayer, mighty prayer, united, continued, earnest prayer, for nearly two weeks, brought the Holy Spirit to the Church and to the world in Pentecostal glory and power. And mighty, continued and united prayer will do the same now!