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How Revival Would Be Promoted – If All Christians Begin To Live Like Jesus

By Daniel Glick

    The very term Christian implies Christlikeness. Genuine Christianity is much more than a certain philosophical or theological outlook on life. It is a life lived in conformity with the example and character of Jesus Christ.

    A very close friend of the Lord once said, “He that saith he abideth in Him ought himself also so to walk, even as He walked” (1 John 2:6). This truth seems to have been self-evident to mature believers of the early church. To twentieth century Christians it doesn’t seem to be as relevant.

    Far too often one can hear Christians casting aside their responsibility to “walk as He walked” with that flimsy, worn-out expression, “Nobody is perfect.” This may very well be, at least when speaking of perfection in the absolute sense, but let us never use that empty excuse to cover a multitude of personal sin. Can we blame the world for their very low level of interest in Christianity when they see the followers of Christ following Him at such a great distance? Would there not be a great movement toward Christ across this land and around the world if Christians everywhere would simply follow the example of Jesus in all areas of life?

    If our ethics in the home, in the business world, and in the church were based more upon His example and teaching, the church would once again be that salt that is so desperately needed to preserve and heal our society.

    We must be willing to raise simple questions – questions that have the potential for purifying contemporary Christianity; questions that in the honesty of our hearts we must answer and act upon if we expect revival today!

Sample Questions

    Here are just a sample:

    1. Would Jesus spend His money in this manner?

    2. Would Jesus be the author of such music?

    3. Would Jesus fail to inform a prospective buyer of defects?

    4. Would Jesus have and reveal this attitude?

    5. Would Jesus pass time by watching television programs and listening to radio shows designed by those at enmity with His Father?

    6. Would Jesus speak this way?

    7. Would Jesus be more concerned for the lost? What would He be doing to express that concern?

    8. Would Jesus dress in this manner?

    9. Would Jesus loaf on the job while the employer is not looking?

    10. Would Jesus be more involved in daily prayer?

    It is acting upon simple questions like these that could prove to be revolutionary. Oh, I know that we often want to be more sophisticated than this, but we really do not need to be. This will promote a new outpouring of God’s Spirit today.

    This is a modest proposal. There is nothing high-sounding in it. Yet if Christians everywhere will determine to do it, the result will be an uplifted Christ who will draw many unto Himself.

    – Taken from God’s Revivalist.