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The Difference Prayer Makes

By Duncan Campbell

    Some time ago it was my privilege to minister in a certain congregation in the city of Glasgow. The services were charged with a tremendous sense of God, and at the close there were those who sought the Savior. I was so impressed with what happened that I wrote the minister who, on that particular weekend was assisting at a Communion elsewhere. In my letter I mentioned how impressed I was with the spirit in his congregation and the crowds that listened to the Word, and the fruit that followed the proclamation of the Gospel.

    In his reply he wrote words that I have frequently quoted: “We are fortunate in our congregation to have a praying people who produce a spiritual atmosphere.” One is not surprised at this when I state that priority of place is given to the prayer meeting in this congregation.

    Need I say that the supreme need of the Christian church today is just what this congregation has – men and women who wait upon God and plead His promises?