"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

May 1993 Issue

With Every Great Revival
By Oswald J. Smith

The Church Will Not Have Revival Until –
By L. W. Barbee

Vision Of A Revivalist
By Fred D. Jarvis

Launch Pad For Blessing
By Robert Dunnett

Have You A Vision And A Burden For Revival In America?
By Joy Dawson

What’s On Heaven’s Agenda?
By Harold J. Brokke

Prayer Is Princely Work
By Alexander Whyte

Prayer – An Essential Link
By Charles G. Finney

Taking Steps Toward Strategic Fasting
By Dick Eastman

Great Triumphs Are Trophies Of Prayer
Are We Thirsty?
By Duncan Campbell

Jesus Is Victor!
Keep An Unclouded Relationship With God – At Any Cost
By Harold Voelkel

An Evening Questionnaire
Items For Prayer And Praise
By Lois J. Stucky

If You Have Lost The Blessing – What?
By Samuel L. Brengle

Prayers For All Men And For All In Authority Must Take Priority!
By W. C. Moore

Satan Hinders Prayer
Advancing On Our Knees
By Alan Redpath

Beware! There Will Be Scoffers
By Allen Nell

Brass Is Not Gold
By J. B. Harper

Fitted For The New Jerusalem
By John Ker