"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

An Evening Questionnaire

    John Fletcher was a man of God, and was known until the day of his death as the “Sainted Fletcher.” We will do well as Christians to profit by his evening questionnaire:

    Did I awake spiritual, and was I watchful in keeping my mind from wandering this morning?

    Have I this day got nearer to God in prayer, or have I given way to a lazy, idle spirit?

    Has my faith been weakened by unwatchfulness, or quickened by diligence?

    Have I walked by faith, and seen God in all things?

    Have I made the most of my time as far as I had light, strength and opportunity?

    Have I denied myself in all unkind words and thoughts?  Have I been delighted at seeing others preferred?

    What have I done this day—for the souls and bodies of God’s dear saints?

    Have I laid out anything to please myself, when I might have saved the money for the cause of God?

    Do my life and conversation adorn the Gospel of Jesus Christ?