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Items For Prayer And Praise

By Lois J. Stucky

    February 25,1993, was Homegoing day for my precious, youngest sister, Shirley. An invalid since birth, she had a cheerful, brave, caring spirit that endeared her to all the family and the many friends who knew her. She was frail as a young child, but after she was strong enough, she used a wheelchair and was faithful at church and in discharging responsibilities in the home. Over 20 years ago she began to operate a little duplicating business in her home, which was a beneficial service to the community. When she visited me in California at Herald of His Coming for a few months in 1965, she enthusiastically did typing, proofreading or whatever she could to help out, glad for the opportunity to serve her beloved Saviour in this way.

    When the Lord called me to leave home to serve Him, my zeal to obey was coupled with a concern for my widowed mother and my invalid sister. Several times in these intervening years, I’ve had to go to the Lord for reassurance that I was still in His will serving Him away from home. Not only did His affirmative word come clearly to me, but Shirley herself encouraged me to obey the Lord, confident that He would take care of her. There were other brothers and sisters who gladly took responsibilities for the help she needed.

    As I look back on these years, I realize anew how important it is for each of us to victoriously fill the place God has given us in life. What He calls us to do, He will faithfully see us through. His wisdom and knowledge are “unsearchable,” His design perfect. If we all find and do His will, His work will be done in His way, with His blessing.

    Family and friends who supported Shirley, her encouragement to me to obey the Lord, my faithfulness to obey—all have played their part in helping in at least a small way to get the Gospel out to the ends of the earth. None of us stands alone. Our failure or our faithfulness can affect many.

    Perhaps your calling in life seems to be to “tarry by the stuff.” Your faithfulness there will assure you a part in the reward for what is accomplished (1 Samuel 30:24). For Jesus’ sake, let’s ask for mercy to be faithful and to keep faithful, whether to go or to let go.

Herald Outreach

    Not a day passes here at Herald of His Coming but that we have opportunity to send out Heralds to encourage, to instruct in righteousness, to correct, etc. Each Herald reader is the center of a circle of influence. If he or she is helped, others will likely be helped. Whether a light is burnished to shine more brightly in the home, in the church, in the community, or wherever—there is a blessed potential in every reader to whom we respond with the Herald. We cherish these opportunities and want to make the most of them.

    An example we find in this letter from the country of Zimbabwe: “My life and character in Christianity have changed a lot after I started receiving the Herald of His Coming. I am a young, local pastor in a rural area where it takes a long time to be visited by ordained pastors. I thank you for reaching us through the anointed Herald. I really do appreciate your help in the Lord …” We envision an African village reached more effectively for Christ because a beginning pastor is being helped.

    A government worker in Kenya writes: “I am very grateful for the Heralds you send me. They have contributed so much to my spiritual growth. Every time I read a Herald I get refreshed and lifted spiritually. The Herald has inspired me to pray for revival in my church and in my area. I also pray for revival in my heart so that I can be an effective witness of the Lord Jesus Christ …” This brother’s prayers and witnessing, enhanced by helpful reading, could be a source of untold blessing in his locality.

    We could share many further letters showing the potential there is in one person being effectually ministered to by the printed page. About half of the monthly output of Herald literature goes to developing countries, where there is a hunger for God and a dearth of Christian literature. By your giving, you help put appreciated literature into receptive hands, and by your prayers, you help make it life-changing.

    Let’s work together—each in his or her God-appointed place! Let’s not be discouraged if our part seems small, and our place seems obscure. Satan tempts us to give up when we feel limited. If we’re faithful, we’ll share together in the fruits God will give. He will be glorified and His Kingdom advanced. So soon this life is over and we give account to God. Let’s seek to do our best so as to give good account for ourselves and to give pleasure to Him who has given unfathomable riches to us.