"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Covenant With God To Pray For Revival

By Sarah Foulkes Moore

    Prayer engages the enemy in spiritual battle. By prayer we invade his vast domain of sin and break sin’s dominance and power. Persevering, unyielding, day and night urgency in prayer for the Holy Spirit’s outpouring will bring showers of converting grace, and will make the altars of our God again blaze with the old time fire.

    Let every Christian covenant with God to besiege the Throne of grace with fervent prayer, with ever-increasing fervent prayer until the heavens are opened and revival is sweeping our land.

    Churches and companies of Christians now uniting in prayer for revival with unbending purpose of heart will bring revival to the church, to the nation, to the world. Let days of fasting and prayer be proclaimed. Tradition says the early Church fasted each Wednesday and Friday, without food or water, till 3 p.m. Will we do likewise?

    To focus prayer on a nation-wide revival will hasten its coming. The scattered rays of the sun produce light but the focused rays of the sun produce fire! The most important essential to victorious prayer is definiteness. Indefinite prayers are powerless prayers. A sense of the tremendous issues at stake gives prayer its definiteness.

    The responsibility of bringing revival is yours, is mine! “Only by dint of our greatest effort, by our utmost unselfishness, by infinite willingness, and our capacity for self-sacrifice” will the forces of evil in the nation be dislodged and a revival of righteousness sweep the land clean from ocean to ocean.

    “Strengthen yourselves in the omnipotence of God. Do not say, ‘Is God able?’. Say, rather, ‘God is able!’”