Prayer Born In The Heart Of God

    Our greatest need is prayer that takes all we have and are to offer it to God, as it took all Jesus had on Calvary to give us the right to pray. We need the kind of praying that Daniel did that shook from stem to stern the Babylonian Empire. We need the never-give-in kind of prayer that the widow woman went in for until the judge had to arise from the bench, postpone business for the time being and attend to her urgent pleadings.

    It is only the prayer born in the very heart of God, shot through with the very blood and passion of the Son of God, filled with the power and persistence of the Holy Ghost and loaded with a deep and heavy sense of the nation’s plight and the world’s appalling need that will set the wheel of a Heaven-sent revival in motion. God save us from trying to turn these wheels by our own efforts!

    – Author Unknown.