"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Take In The Victor’s Name!

By S. D. Gordon

    The intense fact is this: Satan has the power to hold the answer back for a while. He has not the power to hold it back finally, if some one understands and prays with quiet, steady perseverance. The real pitch of prayer therefore is Satanward. “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (James 4:7).

    The whole purpose of prayer is this—it is insisting that the Lord Jesus’ victory shall come where you prayerfully claim it. Christ has taken this world. We are to take possession in His Name. It is insisting His will be done in every situation, and in any life or place in which you are concerned.

    “Thy Kingdom come” means the other kingdom go! “Thy will be done,” means the other “will” be undone! Thy will in this nation, in this church, in this city, in this home, in this mission field. That insistent faith is taking the banner of Jesus Christ and standing on the enemy’s territory, and saying, “I take this in the Victor’s Name!”

    Satan will fight. He has power to fight. He will object. He has great objecting power. He is a great deceiver. He is very cunning. He will not go until he must. Therefore prayer must be definite. You will have to pray, and prayer must be persisted in. Satan will not go except from the spot where you claim. Therefore prayer must be definite.

    You will have to pray and pray persistently and go again seven times, and sometimes seventy times seven, always to pray and not to faint! But not one thing that we ask for in the Redeemer’s Name will be withheld, although we will never know the tenth part of the result until the night is gone, and the morning breaks and the shadows flee away.