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They Believed And Therefore Spoke

    Dr. J. Wilbur Chapman, the well-known evangelist, said, “I could wish for my friends no greater joy than that which is mine, in the thought that He is coming back, and may come soon. I do not think it has ever made me fanatical; I do not see how it could. This is a blessed hope to me because, ‘Every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself as He is pure’ (1 John 3:3). It does not mean every man that hath this hope in himself, but in Jesus as the Son of God, and in His near return. The thought that He is coming back again keeps one pure, for how could we be worldly and indifferent if, at any moment, He might appear? So I am looking for Him and longing for Him, and as I look and long, I toil the best I know how.”

    J. Hudson Taylor said, “The hope of the coming of the Lord is the paramount motive given us in the New Testament for earnest, holy service here.”