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Items For Prayer And Praise

By Lois J. Stucky 

    At so great, so great a price, our precious Lord Jesus overcame the evil one and provided for His own a full and complete redemption.  He has redeemed us from a cruel, cruel taskmaster.  Christ has delivered us out of that Kingdom of darkness with its fear, evil, corruption, bondage, death and the like – into His Own Kingdom of light, peace, purity, love, joy, freedom, life!  Oh, what a salvation is this!

    But who of us does not know that our vicious foe is constantly trying to take our victory away.  He may not come in a bold, frontal, obvious attack, although he may employ that sometimes.  But in his sly, stealthy way, he might trick us into laying our weapons down even for a time.  Think of the results of laying down the shield of faith!  What if we become at ease instead of standing guard?  As watchful as he is for an opportunity to get the victory over us, so must we be watchful against him, never forgetting that he is bent on destroying us.

    Unquestionably we must agree with the one who says, “The Christian life is a battlefield.”  Then it is up to us to be good soldiers.  Only thus can we please our Lord and glorify Him by manifesting the victory He has provided.  It is our prayer for readers to be more watchful against the foe, more zealous to glorify the Lord by walking in the victory He has provided.

    And we pray we will all be more eager and willing to reach out to take by faith from the enemy that which rightfully belongs to the Lord.  The great soul-winning endeavors that must take place in these last hours before Jesus comes again are going to involve serious spiritual warfare.  Souls yet to be reached are in some of the hardest places of the world, where the devil is most deeply entrenched, where greatest risks must be taken.  Though most of us are not called to go in person, it will take our militant, backup praying for those who do and for release of those bound by Satan.  This prayer warfare against Satan draws his fire even as the frontline warfare does.

    Prayer and efforts for revival likewise sting the enemy into action.  Satan opposes revival tremendously.  Mighty movings of the Holy Spirit put Satan and his hosts at great disadvantage.  Revival rescues multitudes out of his hand.  Satan rouses himself and throws in reinforcements when people get in earnest for revival.

    To become involved wholeheartedly in God’s program of these last days will put us at risk from satanic attack.  It is safer not to get involved in battle with the enemy, not to “invade” his territory.  Who wants his counterattacks?  This is why we need to “love not our lives unto the death.”  We must refuse to be indifferent or casual or to be intimidated, letting Satan have his way and hold sway.

    We must not be foolhardy, of course, but we can study to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, and to follow our Captain, taking care not to go off on skirmishes of our own.  We can endeavor to walk worthily of our mighty Captain, who not only risked His life, but gave His life to redeem us unto Himself in a most wonderful and complete salvation. 

If We Are for the Lord, He Will Be for Us! 

    It is moving to read in The Russian Gospel Messenger, published by Georgi Vins, an experience from the life of Mikhail Khorev.  He was in a Soviet prison for his faith in Christ.  One day a young man, a hardened criminal, was brought into the cell which housed the Christian and a number of others.  The new arrival made Mikhail Khorev a subject of mockery, demanding of him where this “priest” was hiding his gold and threatening to take it from him.  When Mikhail Khorev responded that his treasure was laid up above, it only antagonized his tormentor, who had won others to his side.

    As Mikhail lay on his bed that night, he heard their plottings against him, their threats to hang him with a towel, or slit his throat and then put the razor blade in his hand to make it appear a suicide.  Mikhail committed himself to the Lord, prepared to give up his life if that would please the Lord, and he fell off to sleep peacefully.

    The next morning he found himself still alive, knowing it was only by God’s grace and intervention, for these criminals did not make idle threats.  The threats continued night after night, and still Mikhail Khorev awakened each morning, thankful for another day, and living it as his last.

    On the eighteenth day the guard came and told Mikhail to prepare for transfer.  Before he was taken from the cell, one of the worst criminals came and gave him a firm handshake. 

    “There’s something supernatural about you,” he exclaimed.  “This person you call God does exist…”  He went on to express his amazement that Mikhail had not become hysterical and fearful or angry and retaliating.  He had slept peacefully.  Faithful to God, Mikhail had proved God’s faithfulness to him.  “Persecuted but not forsaken.”

    Such is the God we serve!  Is He not worthy?  What would we gain to try to save ourselves?  Better to ask, what will we gain if we lose our life in Jesus?  So much, So much!

    Oh, may God help us!  Let’s build courage now while there is so much to our advantage in the fight.  Let’s learn our lessons, strive for the mastery, build our faith.  The day may come when we will truly stand alone with the Lord.  If we would glorify Him by our devotion then, we must practice it now. 

Praise God! 

    ...For unsung heroes and heroines of faith and prayer who uphold God’s work everywhere, including the Herald ministry, that God’s Kingdom might come and His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven! 

Please Pray! 

    ...For an increased ingathering of Jewish souls into Christ’s Kingdom.

   ...That more of God’s people will become informed, aroused, anointed and involved in the spiritual warfare so essential to the furthering of God’s Kingdom in the hearts and lives of mankind.