"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

April 1992 Issue

God Works As The Church Prays
By Paul E. Billheimer

Conditions Of Prevailing Prayer
By George Müller

An Inventory Take Stock Of Your Faith
By John Bunyan

Prayer That Moves Mountains
By Dr. Charles Stanley

The Day Of Prayer Opened The Floodgates
By H. W. J.

Church Prayer Meeting – Engine Or Caboose?
By A. E. Reinschmidt

Accessing God With Praise And Thanksgiving
By Norval Hadley

One Day Soon…
By A. P. Gouthey

Why Answers To Prayer May Be Delayed Or Qualified
By S. D. Gordon

Items For Prayer And Praise
By Lois J. Stucky

The Temptations Of A Sancitified Man
By Samuel L. Brengle

Let Us Continue To Cry To God To "Revive Us Again!"
By W. C. Moore

Stir The Flame Of Desire Into Fervency!
By M. L. Means

Now Highly Exalted
By Andrew Murray

Alas, And Did My Saviour Bleed!