"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

August 1992 Issue


Laying Ourselves Out For God And For Souls
By James A. Stewart

Give Us Thy Tears, Lord!
By Horatius Bonar

L. R. Scarborough – A Passionate And Ever-Alert Soul Winner
By Faris Daniel Whitesell

Who Is Sufficient?
By J. E. Conant

How I Learned To Pray For The Lost
By L. J. M.

Laying A Determined Hold On God
By A. C. Archibald
Rescue The Perishing
By K. & M. Iesalnieks
The Soul Winner In Action
By James A. Stewart

The True Drawing Power
By A. C. Archibald

Items For Prayer And Praise
By Lois J. Stucky

The Secret Of Power
By Samuel L. Brengle

Time To Seek The Lord For Revival
By W. C. Moore

Preparing The Way For Pentecostal Power And Fire
By G. Campbell Morgan

Abide In Christ – Walk Like Christ
By Andrew Murray