"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Laying A Determined Hold On God

By A. C. Archibald

    I began my first pastorate as a young man of twenty. Six months went by, and there was no evidence of anything unusual. Then one Wednesday evening a good woman whose husband was known as an excessive drinker and gambler, fell down on her knees at the midweek service and started praying for him. Such praying I never expect to hear again. Everyone present was shaken. It seemed as though we felt for the first time the very passion of Christ as He hung on the cross on behalf of sinful men.

    The following Sunday night at the invitation this woman's husband, who had come in late, fairly rushed down the aisle and made public confession of his sins, giving his heart in complete surrender to Christ.

    This congregation was stirred to the depths. A mighty revival wave broke over us, and in three months 240 people had united with the church. People everywhere began to pray for their unsaved loved ones. They brought them to church.

    It all started with that one woman on her knees in prayer meeting. A few people in the membership, laying a determined hold upon God, will bring a quickening to any church.