"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

The True Drawing Power

By A. C. Archibald

    One cold, bitter Christmas Day a ragged urchin playing a violin on the street corner was trying to gather a few pennies toward making a bit of Christmas cheer. The passing crowd seemed not to notice him. Only occasionally out of sheer pity would someone drop a penny into his cup.

    The greatest violinist, Paganini, coming down the street, saw the forlorn lad. The Spirit of Christ was in his heart. He stepped over, and taking the poor lad's violin into his own hands, he began to play. As he played the angels bent down over the battlements of heaven. Scores of passers-by stopped their hurrying feet and, moved beyond measure, wept tears of unalloyed wonder. As at last he finished and passed the instrument back to the boy, a stream of coins and bills began to fall into the cup. The boy's cap and pockets were filled. He went home rich beyond his dreams.

    But it was Paganini and not himself who had filled the cup. It must ever be the divine Spirit coming through prayer who will fill our words and humblest service with power, unction and holy winsomeness.