"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Items For Prayer And Praise

By Lois J. Stucky

    A look at society around us gives us much reason to feel helpless and near despair. In our lifetime we have seen much deterioration and increase in ills. Sinking morals have challenged some of us to plunge in and work at reforming. There are desperate needs within reach of each one of us where we would like to give a helping hand. Undeniably there are places where we may all do something.

    But nowhere is the help of Christians needed more, nowhere can they work more effectively for the good of society, than in changing hearts and lives by giving them the Gospel. This is going to the heart of society's needs and to the core of man's problems. To give the Gospel is to give more than a temporary fix. It is giving a solution to last throughout eternity. The best way to better society is to change sinful hearts and to transform sinful lives by the power of the Holy Spirit through the new birth.

    Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost (Luke 19:10). He came to redeem wayward mankind back to God's love and fellowship. As Jesus' disciples we have the privilege of sharing in this glorious task. Let no other good works we might do eclipse this.

    Each one of us as God's children fits into God's program of saving the lost in some way. We dare not excuse ourselves for not having the gift of an evangelist. With God's blessing, evangelists gather in large harvests of souls. Some of us are more like gleaners who gather one by one. The part of some is more to plant the seed of God's Word than to reap the harvest. Maybe our part is along the line of watering the seed through loving and praying. Whatever our part, let us earnestly seek to not fail God in what He asks us to do for souls. The goal of each of us should be, by His grace, to be faithful to the opportunities He gives to us.

    The Lord Jesus, who came from the Father's side, knew well God's kind, compassionate and merciful will – that none should perish (2 Pet. 3:9). Jesus shared that will fully. He made it His prayer that the Father's will be done daily (Matt. 6:10). He went to the greatest depths in order to see that the Father's will was carried out on earth. Our desire is to see the Father's will done also. Although our part in the overall is miniscule compared to Christ's, yet faithfully doing God's bidding is vitally necessary in the lives of ones we are to reach.

    We can help one another by praying one for the other that the love of God will be shed abroad in the heart of each of us by the Holy Spirit. There is nothing so compelling to soul winning as this. To experience the love of God for ourselves and to sense His love for all, puts a yearning in our hearts and prayers and a "go" in our feet.

    How solemn to contemplate that each soul saved has potential for increasing the Kingdom yet farther. And each soul neglected has great and tragic potential for being a tool of the devil to the damnation of many.

Praise God!

    ...That the glorious light of the Gospel has shined into our hearts and that we now so gladly share it that others too may know our blessed Redeemer.

    ...That God is pleased to make Herald of His Coming a blessing to many readers who are in spiritually dry places.

Please Pray!

    ...That many precious Jewish souls will come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

    ...For the fullness of the Holy Spirit in each of us who labor together at Herald of His Coming, that love and faith and zeal may abound, all to the glory of God and to the accomplishing of all He purposes through this ministry.