"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Items For Prayer And Praise

By Lois J. Stucky

    A Sunday school teacher reached back into her childhood and drew out a song to teach her class of children – "Sing...smile...pray the clouds away." These words came occasionally to the teacher's mind even as an adult, perhaps quickened by the Holy Spirit, to remind of how to overcome in some difficult situation. Why not plant these helpful words of a former generation in the children's minds?

    The teacher suggested to the children clouds that could arise in their young lives – grumpiness, want-my-own-way, fear, etc. Together they talked about how singing songs of Jesus' love, smiling in thanksgiving for what they could enjoy even in an unwanted situation, and praying to the Lord for forgiveness if the child is wrong, or for strength for some sad or fearful happening – would "drive the clouds away." The teaching was centered in going to the Saviour and drawing upon Him for help when clouds come into the life.

    With this teaching experience fresh in her mind, the teacher picked up a book by a Christian author, Eric Buehrer, The New Age Masquerade – The Hidden Agenda In Your Child's Classroom. In the book is exposed a particular curriculum introduced into the Los Angeles public school system. She was struck by what was recommended in this curriculum, as it stood in sharp contrast to the Christian teaching she was giving. It is claimed the course will enhance the child's self-esteem and will help the child amid the drug, alcohol and gang problems so prevalent in the city.

    Early in the curriculum is introduced a lesson where the teacher asks the children if they ever feel tired, grumpy and nervous. The teacher then introduces a technique by which the children are to learn to help themselves with such feelings. The teacher turns out the lights in the room and reads a soothing story about going to Hawaii and seeing a beautiful rainbow. As the children imagine the rainbow, the teacher leads them color by color through the rainbow, telling of some beneficial feeling associated with each color. As they visualize the red of the rainbow, the children are to completely relax, with yellow their mind is to grow peaceful, etc. After reaching the last color, the children are given positive statements to say about themselves, concluding with, "Everyday, in every way, I am growing better, better, better."

    Then the teacher leads the children back through the colors and they are told that as they come back to the first color, they will be wide awake, feeling refreshed and "in tune with life." Is this not actually self-hypnosis being practiced with these children? A very clever substitution has been made for seeking God's help.

    In another exercise in the same curriculum, after the children are in the inner state of the rainbow experience, they are to visualize meeting helpers – "dead or alive, real or imaginary" – who will guide and counsel them. The children are encouraged to get counsel and goals from these "guides" as often as needed.

    Here are children being taught to open their inmost being to counsel from unseen spirits. Oh, the danger of evil spirits providing the counsel and guidance being sought! Then what need does the child feel for the Holy Spirit's guidance?

    Los Angeles is especially open to the innovative. It is understandable that the introduction of such a course would take place there. It is only a beginning, but it could become a horror story of great proportion.

    Friends, this ambush is being laid for the generation of children we see all around us.  The attack is being made against the "army" that will be taking over our country in the days in which our young children and grandchildren will grow up!

    Does it not make your heart yearn to gather your children or grandchildren, their playmates, or any children for that matter, and do your utmost to bring them to Jesus and to fortify them with God's Word against what is coming, or is even upon us?

    Let us Christians take up spiritual arms in this conflict. God, with His infinite love for children, calls us to it and leads us in it. Through Him we can triumph if we will!

    Pray! And get informed if you are a parent of school children and get involved in your local school to keep abreast of what is going on there.  "Nip in the bud" whatever evil you see coming in your locality, if possible.

    Pray some more! And be watchful for opportunities – and make opportunities – to win children to Christ. Away with the idea that winning and shepherding children is beneath our calling!