"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Are You Waiting To Behold Him, Watching For His Coming, Listening For His Voice?

Our Beloved is Coming!

I'm waiting, Lord, just waiting
The passing of the night,
For soon I shall behold Thee,
Where faith gives place to sight:
To see Thy face – what will it be? –
And dwell with Thee eternally!

I'm watching for the day star,
Bright herald of the dawn,
To tell me Thou art coming
To take me where Thou'rt gone;
For here upon earth's barren shore
There's nothing for me anymore.

I'm listening, Lord, just listening
For Thy triumphant voice,
No sound like this hath ever
Made my poor heart rejoice.
Oh, then o'er death the victory,
And I shall ever be with Thee.

I'm waiting, watching, listening,
Nor will it be in vain;
Thou'st said, "I'll not forget thee,
I'll surely come again";
Thy promise is the same, I know,
As 'twas two thousand years ago.

– Helen McDowell