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The Kind Of Praying That Sets The Wheels Of Revival In Motion

By J. Sidlow Baxter

    We need a revival of intercessory prayer among God’s own people. We do not pray enough. Besides intensifying their private prayer life, Christians should band themselves together to lay hold upon God for revival in our own land and in every land.

    Our most pressing need at this moment is to ask God to give more mighty prayer to all who can have at heart the speedy evangelization of every unreached soul – prayer that is strong, prevailing, believing, God-moving, devil-routing, sinner-saving, believer-sanctifying, Christ-exalting, worker-producing and money-finding!

    We need prayer that takes all we are and have, to offer it to God, as it took all that Jesus had, on Calvary, to give us the right to pray!

    But where in all the world are we going to get prayer that will do that? – the kind that Daniel offered, which shook the Babylonian Empire from end to end, bringing Almighty God into His rightful pre-eminence!

    Where are we to get the kind of prayer that Nehemiah offered, which set rulers running after him with men, money, and materials, to help rebuild the walls of ruined Jerusalem?

    It was God Himself Who inspired the prayer of Nehemiah, the prayer that made Jerusalem a new city. He drove His servant to his knees by the burden of a great concern for ruined Jerusalem. This seems to be the way God works.

    And will God give this kind of prayer today? Yes, through the Holy Spirit, God can give us the hurricane kind of prayers that make things move – when nothing else can make them move!

    We must get God’s prayer – prayer with extraordinary consequences! Prayers which are merely our own are futile and get us nowhere. The devil fears nothing that man makes – not even his prayers!

    He only begins to feel alarm when a soul begins to offer before God the prayer that is Spirit-inspired, and which was born in the very heart of God Himself.

    It is prayer shot through with the very blood and passion of the Son of God, filled with the power and persistence of the Holy Ghost, loaded with a burdening sense of the church’s plight, and the world’s appalling need – that sets the wheels of revival in motion!

    God save us from trying to turn these wheels by our own efforts! It cannot be done. Let us beg God now for this kind of praying – prayer straight from God, to straighten out every tangle and to meet every need!

    When we offer HIS prayer, as put into our spirits by the Holy Spirit, there will be no such thing as unanswered prayer. Every prayer will be as almighty as God, because His nature will be in them.

    The difficulties we face at the present time will vanish, and we shall not speak as if God were bankrupt!

    God will then be seen in our lives. His power will flow through us in flood tides of blessings to others. Miracles will happen in every sphere that we touch. Every need will be met; and the devil will be defeated.

    May this heaven-born flame be lighted afresh in the hearts of the regenerate throughout the world. Amen!