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Items For Prayer and Praise

By Lois J. Stucky

    Word has come from California that Bernard Quimby, former manager of Herald of His Coming mail room, has gone to be with the Lord. Brother Quimby retired from Herald of His Coming in 1979, after over 20 years of service to the Lord in this capacity. We pay grateful tribute to the memory of our capable and esteemed co-worker of earlier years.

    Only the Lord has record of the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of pieces of Herald literature that were sent to farthest corners of the earth under Brother Quimby's supervision. He once figured that the Herald of His Coming papers, Salvation heralds, tracts and letters mailed out in a month if stacked on one pile, would reach almost as high into the air as the Empire State Building! A good amount of this literature had to be addressed, much of it put into envelopes or packages, and some of it weighed and stamped. Then it must be sorted into mail bags, loaded on the Herald truck and delivered to the post office with accompanying paperwork. All of this operation Brother Quimby managed with efficiency. His gracious and kindly spirit added much to keeping the mail room workers pulling happily together to accomplish the mission.

    Brother Quimby was an industrious and versatile worker. With his mechanical skills, in addition to his managerial duties, he seemed able to make anything on the premises run that should run but didn't. Through his resourceful help, some of our aging equipment enjoyed an extended lifetime and enabled us to put funds that would have been required to purchase new equipment into mailing out more Gospel literature.

    Brother Quimby and his family came to Herald of His Coming from New England, where he had pastored. He was well qualified to assist Brother Moore when he ministered in Herald chapel services. When Brother Moore could not be present, Brother Quimby was one who conducted the services. His messages to the Herald staff from the Word of God were full of faith and love for the Lord, as well as instructive and comforting. He looked forward to the coming again of our Lord Jesus Christ. Revival was also a vision dear to his heart.

    How beautiful it is to recount a life given to the Lord in loving, unselfish service! One can only faintly imagine how rewarding it will be throughout Eternity to share heaven's joy over fruit that was brought forth through our lives to the glory of God! Not even a cup of cold water given in the Name of Jesus will be without its reward.

    Many Herald readers are not in what we tend to call "full-time service" for the Lord. You may be one who, for that reason, feels less likely to have eternal rewards. Be faithful, friend, in whatever God gives you to do! He is righteous and just. He knows your opportunities and your limitations. Only let us each one endeavor to take advantage of these precious days of mercy and grace to do all He calls us individually to do.