"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Pray For Revivals Of This Sort

By A. Alexander

    A pure revival in its end result provides the most beautiful sight ever seen upon earth. Pure revival results in a preview of heaven.

    In such revivals

    – the convictions of sin are deep and humbling;

    – the justice of God in the condemnation of the sinner is felt and acknowledged;

    – every other refuge but Christ is abandoned;

    – the heart at first is made to feel its own impenetrable hardness, but when least expected, it dissolves under a grateful sense of God’s goodness and Christ’s love;

    – light breaks in upon the soul either by a gradual dawning, or by a sudden flash;

    – Christ is revealed through the Gospel, and a firm and often a joyful confidence of salvation through Him is produced;

    – a benevolent, forgiving, meek, humble and contrite spirit predominates – the love of God is shed abroad – and with some, joy unspeakable and full of glory fills the soul;

    – a spirit of devotion is enkindled;

    – the Word of God becomes exceedingly precious;

    – prayer is the exercise in which the soul seems to be in its proper element, because by it, God is approached, and His presence felt, and His beauty seen;

    – the new-born soul lives by breathing after the knowledge of God, after communion with God, and after conformity to His will;

    – there springs up in the soul an inextinguishable desire to promote the glory of God, and to bring all men to the knowledge of the truth, and by that means, to the possession of eternal life;

    – the sincere language of the heart is, “Lord, what wouldst Thou have me to do?”

    Let us make it our daily prayer that God may send upon His church many such revivals!