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The Man God Will Use

By Samuel L. Brengle

    When God searches for a man to work in His vineyard, He does not ask, "Has he great natural abilities? Is he a fine singer? Is he eloquent in prayer? Can he talk much?"

    But rather He asks, "Is his heart perfect toward Me? Is he holy? Does he love much? Is he willing to walk by faith, and not by sight? Does he love Me so much and has he such childlike confidence in My love for him that he can trust Me to use him when he doesn't see any sign that I am using him?

    "Will he be wary and faint when I correct him and try to fit him for greater usefulness? Or will he, like Job, cry out, 'Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him?' Does he search My word, and meditate therein day and night, in order to 'do according to all that is written therein?' (Josh. 1:8).

    "Does he wait on Me for My counsel and seek in everything to be led by My Spirit? Or is he stubborn and self-willed, like the horse and the mule, which have to be held in with bit and bridle (Psa. 32:9), so that I cannot 'guide him with Mine eye?' Is he a man-pleaser and a time-server, or is he willing to wait for his reward, and does he seek solely for 'the honor that cometh from God only?' Does he 'preach the Word' and is he 'instant in season, and out of season?' Is he meek and lowly in heart and humble?"