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Deliverance Through The Blood

By Andrew Murray

    The story of the Passover is well known to us all. The Lord was about to lead His people out of Egypt, and in the night of their departure, to inflict judgment upon Egypt. The Lord considered Israel as His firstborn son among the nations. Egypt had transgressed against Him by ill treatment of this firstborn son, and so punishment must fall on "the firstborn" of Egypt. In every house the firstborn would be smitten by the destroying angel, who, at midnight, would pass through the land of Egypt.

    The Egyptians and Israelites in many cases dwelt near one another, and so a sign must be set on the door of every Israelite house, that the destroying angel might not enter there to slay. That sign was to be the blood of a lamb, slain by the father of the family, according to the commandment given by God.

    "The blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt," God had said (Ex. 12:13).

    The blood was to be a sign, an assurance by which the Israelite might have entire confidence concerning the safety of his family. It would be a sign also before God, of the disposition of the father of the house, regarding his obedience of faith through which God would spare his house.

Danger Averted by the Blood

    That danger was awful. A hiding place, a means of redemption, has no value, if danger is not realized. The blood of Jesus, however precious it is in the eyes of God and of the redeemed, has no value for him who has not realized his danger. The world is under the wrath of God. However happily life is spent, however we boast about our present civilization and prosperity and progress, there hangs over this world a heavy, dark cloud, more terrible than that which hung over Egypt.

    There is a day of judgment approaching, when danger and wrath, tribulation and anguish shall be recompensed to all disobedience and sin. Christ shall appear in flaming fire, taking vengeance on those who "know not God and obey not the Gospel" (2 Thes. 1:8). He will pronounce that terrible sentence upon all who do not belong to Him: "Depart from Me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels" (Matt. 25:41). Behold the day comes, burning like an oven, and who shall stand when He appears? (Mal. 4:1).

    The danger was general. No house in Egypt was to be passed by. From the palace of the king to the hut of the beggar, the firstborn had to die. There was no distinction: rich and poor; godless and fashionable; friends and enemies of Israel; innocent children; those who were kind, as well as the most cruel oppressors of the people – that night there was no difference between them. The nation had sinned; the judgment must come upon all, without exception.

    It will be just the same with the judgment which is coming upon the world. We all have sinned; we are all under a curse and wrath. No one – unless God Himself in a miraculous manner redeemed him – will escape a judgment which he cannot endure. No reader of these words, whoever he is, can escape standing before God’s throne, to be cast into the outer darkness on account of his sins. God's mercy has not wrought out for him a miracle of grace.

The Judgment Is Certain

    We are living in the days of which Scripture has spoken, when scoffers, walking after their own lusts, say: "Where is the promise of His coming, for all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation." God is longsuffering, and extends the days of grace, but the day of judgment will surely come. No power or force, no wisdom or cunning, no riches or honor can enable man to escape it. It comes certainly.

    So surely as there is a God in heaven who is a righteous Judge, so surely as there is sin on earth opposed to God's holy law, so surely as there is in every child of man consciousness that sin must be punished by a judge, so surely that day will come. Although the thought of the millions who then will be lost and of the terribleness of the breaking loose of the pent-up fire of God's wrath, and of the misery of an eternal destruction from God's presence is too terrible to rightly apprehend or bear – it is true and certain. There hangs over the whole world, and over every soul, a dark cloud of the wrath of God, which will speedily break loose and burn with a fire that through eternity will not be extinguished.

    The danger is unexpected. In Egypt they were busy buying and selling, building and trading, living delicately and boasting about their power and wisdom, and in one night the whole land was plunged into the deepest sorrow. "And Pharaoh rose up that night, he and all his servants and all the Egyptians, and there was a great cry in Egypt." It was in Egypt, as in the days of the flood, and of Sodom and Gomorrah; in an hour when they thought not, the angel of destruction came.

    It will ever be so. The devil lulls men to sleep by the business and enjoyments of this world: death comes – unexpected. Judgment comes – unexpected. While one still puts off to a more convenient season; while another comforts himself with the assurance that he will yet sometime be delivered; while still others do not trouble themselves at all about these things – judgment ever draws nearer.

    God's judgment draws near with incomprehensible rapidity and power. Because everything around you is quiet and safe and appears joyous, I beseech you, do not deceive yourselves. Judgment comes unexpectedly, and then – then it is forever too late. Believe this, I pray you, the danger is greater and nearer than you imagine; make haste to be delivered.

Deliverance by the Blood

    Deliverance is planned by God Himself. Let this be a settled conviction with you, that no human wisdom is of any avail here. It is from God's judgment, which is so terrible and irresistible, that we must flee. It is God alone who can point out the way of escape. Deliverance by the blood of a lamb was the outcome of divine wisdom, and if a sinner desires to be delivered, then he must learn in this matter to be entirely submissive to God, and entirely dependent upon Him. He must see that he has to deal with what is really a divine purpose, and that, as sure and as powerful as the destruction is, just so pure and powerful is the deliverance which has been prepared for him.

    Deliverance is through the substitution. That was the meaning of the blood of the slaughtered paschal lamb. The Israelite was just as sinful as the Egyptian. If the destroying angel came, he would have the right – Yes (if it must go by right) it would be his duty to enter each house of Israel. But if on the door of the Israelite he found the blood – what does that mean?

    When the Israelite took the lamb and raised the knife to slay that innocent creature for the sake of its blood, which he has need of, for his deliverance, he had only one thought in his mind: "I am sinful; my house is sinful; the angel of God's wrath is coming tonight; if He acts according to what I deserve, then death would enter my house; but I offer this lamb to die for me and my house." That word "for me," "in my place," was the one thought in his heart.

God Provides a Lamb

    This lamb was typical; "God will provide Himself a lamb." He has done this. He has – oh, wonder of wonders! – given His own Son to die in our place. The death which Jesus died was my death. He bore my sins. I need not now die. The deliverance which God has prepared is through substitution. Jesus, my Substitute, has paid all – all my indebtedness to God's law, and has done everything for me. He has entirely broken the power of sin and death, and I can now, at once, be entirely acquitted and be free from all my sins. Deliverance is through substitution.  

    Deliverance is by means of the sprinkling of blood. The blood of the lamb had to be sprinkled on the door posts. It was not enough that the lamb should be slain and its blood shed; the blood must be personally applied. The father of the family had to take the blood and sprinkle it on the door of his house. And so the Scripture says that our conscience must be cleansed, and our heart must be sprinkled. "Let us draw near…having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience" (Heb. 10:22).

    In this deliverance, God and man meet one another; each has his share in the work. God provided the Lamb – His own Son. God, through the eternal Spirit, prepared Him to be a sacrifice. God promised to accept the blood. God bestows upon us, by the blood, justification, cleansing, and sanctification. All this is the work of God. Our work is to believe in that blood, and in faith to submit ourselves to the sprinkling of it. The result is real and eternal.

    Deliverance is through the obedience of faith: for the Israelite it was a new and hitherto unheard-of thing, that the destroying angel was to come, and that the blood on the door would deliver him. But he believed God's word, and in that belief he did what he had been commanded.

    This is just what you have to do who are longing for deliverance from eternal death. Exercise faith in the blood; be assured that if God tells you the blood of His Son cleanses you from all sin, that it is the truth. The blood has a supernatural, heavenly, divine power, to cover and blot out sin before God immediately and forever. Accept this as God's truth, and rest upon it. 

    Then be obedient, and appropriate that blood which accomplishes such wonders. Reckon that it was shed for you; humble yourself before God, that the Holy Spirit may apply it to you, and cleanse your heart by it. Simply believe in that blood as shed for you. The Almighty God is faithful, and will accept you for the sake of the blood. Jesus will cleanse you by His blood and will work out in you the cleansing, and impart to you the joy and the power which the blood alone can bestow.

    The blood effects an immediate deliverance from the judgment of God. The blood delivered the Israelites immediately and entirely from the threatened danger of that night.

    From the moment that you are sprinkled by that blood, you are justified from your sins, and the judgment of God is averted from you. This blessing is so great, so divine, that it appears to man too great to be true. We desire to see in ourselves some token of improvement, to feel something as a proof that God has received us. It seems incredible that God could thus justify the unrighteous immediately, and yet it is so.

    This is the divine glory of redemption through the blood of the Lamb. That blood has such a divine and life giving power, that the moment a man believes in it, he is cleansed from all his sins.

    You who desire to be saved from sin and judgment, may rely upon this. The blood effects an immediate redemption. The blood is so unspeakably precious to God, as the proof of the obedience of His Son, that He, for His sake, and because of His pleasure in Him, immediately forgives and receives you, if only you trust in that blood.

The Beginning of New Life

    The blood is the beginning of a new life. You know that the Feast of Unleavened Bread was closely connected with the Feast of the Passover. If leaven were used, it came from a portion of the old lump of dough of a previous baking. Leavening is a process of corruption. Israel had to use unleavened bread during the Passover Feast and the seven following days, as a proof that they would no longer have anything to do with the old leaven of Egypt; everything must become entirely new.

    The sprinkling with the blood of Christ is the commencement of an entirely new life. The blood and the Spirit of Christ are inseparable. When the sinner is brought near to God by the blood, he is renewed and sanctified by the Spirit. The blood is the beginning and pledge of a life in the service of God.

    The blood gave assurance of the love and guidance of God. Israel was delivered by the sprinkling of the blood from the power of the destroying angel, and also from the power of Pharaoh. The Red Sea, the pursuit by Pharaoh, and the desert, had still to come, but the blood was the pledge that God would be responsible for everything.

    The blood of Christ gives you a share in the love, the guidance, and the protection of God. Oh, if you only understood this – the God who has provided the blood of His Son, who has received you because of that blood – He has become your God. He who has given His Son for you, how shall He not with Him also freely give you all things? This is the blessing and power of the blood – it brings you into an eternal covenant with God; He becomes your leader and your portion.

    The blood is the pledge of a perfect redemption. The God who delivered Israel from Egypt by the blood was not satisfied until He had brought Israel into Canaan. God bestows upon you not only the blood of Christ, but the living Christ Himself. Because He ever lives, He can save to the uttermost.

    Each moment of your life He will care for you. He undertakes to provide for every weakness and need. He will, here in this life, lead you into the blessedness of God's love. He becomes surety for your arrival in eternal glory. His blood is the eternal undeniable proof that all God the Father and Christ see needful they will do, and that they will not forsake you until they have accomplished their work in you from beginning to end. All the blessedness and all the glory of redemption are securely founded on the precious blood.

Blessings Obtained by the Blood

    When the Israelite had sprinkled the blood he knew that he was safe. God had given him a promise of protection, and he was able trustfully to await the terrible visit of the destroying angel. He could listen peacefully to the great cry in the streets around him. His safety lay in God, who had said: "When I see the blood, I will pass over you."

    How much more may we, who now have not the blood of an earthly lamb, but that of the Lamb of God from heaven – how much more may we be assured of our redemption? You who read this, give, I pray you, an answer to the question I now ask: Have you this assurance? Are you truly sheltered from the day of wrath, under the protection of the blood? Have you the assurance that you also have been redeemed by that blood?

    If not, hasten, without delay, to receive this blessing. The danger is so terrible – the redemption is so glorious; the conditions are so full of grace; let nothing keep you back from obtaining a share in it. You must be sure about it, or you will have no rest for your soul.

    Turn away from your sin, and place your trust in the blood. Oh! I pray you, add not now to all your other sins that of despising, rejecting, treading upon, the Blood of the Son of God. I beseech you by the mercy of God, and the wondrous love of the Son of God, flee from the wrath to come, and seek for shelter under the blood which alone can redeem.

    Believe, I beseech you, that no prayer, no worship, no works, no endeavor, will avail you anything. But God has said: "When I see the blood I will pass over you." Let that be your confidence. If He does not see the blood on me, He will not spare me.

    Come now, today, to this dear Saviour, who lives to cleanse you with His blood, and who never once has rejected anyone who came to Him.