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Avoid At Any Cost!

By Don Kenyon

    The writer of Hebrews speaks of “terrifying expectation of judgment” (Heb. 10:27). If the gospel story of God’s love in Christ be true, it is the most amazing account of love ever told. It is astounding to read of God’s gracious action toward rebellious man.

    The price that was paid by Christ is also astounding, the more so because it was the Just suffering for the unjust, a good Person dying for a bad person, you, me.

    This ominous pronouncement of judgment is, therefore, not at all incredible. The spurning of such love and grace is an act of such ingratitude that a loving God becomes a judging God whose wrath knows no restraint….

    The writer of Hebrews also speaks of “the fury of a fire which will consume.” In this violent language is set forth the anger of God at the spurning of His grace in Christ. This language tells us that God’s wrath must be something to avoid at any cost.

    – Taken from Alliance Life.