"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Christ Is Coming!

By Horatius Bonar

 He is coming; and the tidings
Are rolling wide and far;
As light flows out in gladness,
From yon fair morning star.

He is coming; and the tidings
Sweep through the willing air,
With hope that ends for ever
Time's ages of despair.

Old earth from dreams and slumber
Wakes up and says, "Amen";
Land and ocean bid Him welcome;
Flood and forest join the strain.

He is coming, and the mountains
Of Judea ring again;
Jerusalem awakens,
And shouts her glad "Amen."

Yes, He, the King, is coming
To end thy woes and wrongs,
To give thee joy for mournings,
To turn thy sighs to songs.